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 ====== CommunicationProtection ====== ====== CommunicationProtection ======
 +===== Required input objects =====
 +1...n data object
 +===== Required output objects =====
 +1...n data objects
 +===== Restrictions =====
 +**Restriction:​** message flow must have at least one input-output data objects pair\\
 +**Error:** at least 1 incoming-outgoing pair of data objects is required
 +**Restriction:​** message flow must have the same number of input and output data objects\\
 +**Error:** number of incoming-outgoing pair of data objects does not match
 +**Restriction:​** the list of names of input data objects must match the list of names of output data objects\\
 +**Error:** names of incoming and outgoing data objects must match
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