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 ====== PKPublic ====== ====== PKPublic ======
 +===== Required input parameters =====
 +pair (with PKPublic and [[pe-bpmn-editor_pkprivate|PKPrivate]] tasks)
 +===== Restrictions =====
 +**Restriction:​** "​groupId"​ property must exist under stereotype details object - pair ID ("​groupId"​) must have been selected and saved and "​groupId"​ information must not have been deleted from model’s file\\
 +**Error:** groupId is undefined
 +===== Group specific restrictions =====
 +**Restriction:​** there must be at least one PKPublic and one [[pe-bpmn-editor_pkprivate|PKPrivate]] data object in a pair\\
 +**Error:** PKPrivate key is missing from the pair
 +**Restriction:​** all PKPublic data objects in the same pair (with same groupId) must have the same name\\
 +**Error:** all PKPublic keys of the pair must have the same name
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