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Published papers and blog posts related to PLEAK:

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  7. Pille Pullonen: How privacy enhancing technologies affect business processes. Sharemind blog 2019
  8. Peeter Laud, Alisa Pankova, Martin Pettai: Achieving Differential Privacy using Methods from Calculus,
  9. Peeter Laud, Alisa Pankova: Interpreting Epsilon of Differential Privacy in Terms of Advantage in Guessing or Approximating Sensitive Attributes,
  10. Sara Belluccini, Rocco De Nicola, Marlon Dumas, Pille Pullonen, Barbara Re, and Francesco Tiezzi: Verification of privacy-enhanced collaborations. FormaliSE 2020
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  13. Sara Belluccini, Dan Bogdanov, Mykhailo Dorokhov, Marlon Dumas, Luciano Garcia-Banuelos, Joosep Jääger, Marko Jõemets, Peeter Laud, Raimundas Matuleviius, Markko Merzin, Henry Magi, Alisa Pankova, Martin Pettai, Pullonen Pullonen, Jaak Randmets, Jaak Ristioja, Angela Sahk, Andrey Sergeev, Jake Tom, Maria Toomsalu. Novel Tools for Analyzing Privacy Leakages (NAPLES). Project final report in Defence Technical Information Center (2021)
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