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BPMN leaks-when analysis

In BPMN leaks-when analysis the input is a BPMN model with annotations in pseudocode to write out how different components are related.

Annotating the model

The BPMN leaks-when analysis uses the SQL privacy editor as an interface although its input language is not SQL. All tasks that transform the data are annotated to show which components of the inputs are used to compute which outputs and to give names to the computations.

Running the analysis

BPMN leaks-when analysis is accessible from the SQL privacy editor and can be activated by clicking the respective button.

The analysis output is a table that summarizes which components of the inputs flow to the outputs. The cells in the table summarize the conditions and filters that the data passes. For data that always flows to the output there were no restrictive filters in the flow. The cell value never means that this output is not affected by that input. Finally, the if condition indicates that the flow is conditional and the passed filters can be seen when hovering over the cell.

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