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Pleak consists of:

You need to locate pleak-backend, pleak-frontend, pleak-sql-analysis, pleak-sql-editor, pleak-pe-bpmn-editor, pleak-leaks-when-analysis, pleak-leaks-when-ast-transformation, pleak-leakage-detection-analysis, pleak-guessing-advantage-editor, pleak-combined-sensitivity-editor, and pleak-sql-derivative-sensitivity-editor directories all into the same directory and specify their directory names in src/config.json file (in pleak-frontend, pleak-sql-editor, pleak-pe-bpmn-editor, pleak-sql-derivative-sensitivity-editor, pleak-guessing-advantage-editor and pleak-combined-sensitivity-editor component directories). Each component should be built separately. The pleak-frontend component provides a node-js server to make frontend and editor modules accessible.

Detailed instructions on how to install the full application are described in pleak-frontend repository. More detailed instructions can be found under each component's repository.

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