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PE-BPMN editor

PE-BPMN editor is a user-facing frontend application that implements support for our BPMN extension (PE-BPMN). It allows to extend models by adding various PE-BPMN stereotypes to their elements. Stereotypes are attached by adding specific labels (named after stereotypes) into the XML code of the model. Currently the editor is not using any analysis tools yet.

Quick guide

PE-BPMN editor is accessible through Actions menu (with burger-menu icon) under each model in own and shared models/folders lists of frontend - link “Open in PE-BPMN editor”.

Adding stereotypes to model elements for analysis

Clicking on tasks, message flows or data objects opens a stereotypes menu next to the element. The task stereotypes correspond to different actions - e.g. encryption and decryption - needed to use some privacy enhancing technology. Stereotypes are organized in the menu based on the taxonomy of privacy-enhancing technologies used to create PE-BPMN. Clicking on a stereotype in the menu opens a respective stereotype settings menu on the right side of the page (in sidebar). In this menu you can set different parameters related to the requirements of stereotypes. Stereotype menus for tasks, message flows and data objects appear all in the sidebar.

Validating model & running analysis

Starting the analysis first verifies if the model is syntactically correct. If there are any errors or warnings, list (entitled Errors in model) appears. If there are no errors (warnings are accepted), message Passed validation! appears. Under that appears an analysis menu with the PE-BPMN analysis options. Clicking on one of these buttons opens a modal with the analysis results.

PE-BPMN analysis do not require using stereotypes on a model, but analysis results are more interesting, if the analysis is based on models using privacy enhancement technologies.

Source code

The source code is available at pleak-pe-bpmn-editor repository.

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