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SQL global sensitivity analyser

SQL-privacy analyser has a a user-facing frontend application that allows to extend models by attaching SQL scripts to its elements. SQL queries are added to tasks and SQL database schemas are added to data objects. SQL scripts are attached by adding specific labels (named “sqlScript”) into the XML code of the model. The editor uses pleak-sql-analysis tool to perform an analyze on the extended model to combine and present the results. Editor and analysis tool have separate codebases, but they are both required to use the full functionality of the analyser. Communication between the two components is arranged by backend REST service.

Quick guide

SQL-privacy editor is accessible through Actions menu (with burger-menu icon) under each model in own and shared models/folders lists of frontend - link “Open in SQL editor”.

Adding information to model elements for analysis

Clicking on tasks or data objects opens a menu on the right side of the page (in sidebar). You can add SQL scripts (in a form of stored procedures) to tasks. Database information (in a form of database schemas) can be added to data objects.

Running analysis

Clicking on Analyze Sensitivities button opens analysis results panel (entitled Analysis results) on the right side of the page (in sidebar). There you can see analysis results for each task (ordered as they are ordered on the model). Merged results (sensitivities matrix) showing sensitivity-relations between input-output data objects open in a modal.

More detailed instructions with example queries will be added soon.

Source code

The source code of SQL global sensitivity editor is available at pleak-sql-editor and the source code of SQL analysis tool at pleak-sql-analysis repositories.

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