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PE-BPMN Analysis

PE-BPMN gives rise to binary privacy analysis and allows to differentiate between data that has some form of protection and data that does not.

Simple disclosure

Simple disclosure report is a table where columns are data objects from the process and rows are the stakeholders (lanes). Each cell is marked either V (visible), H (hidden) or -. Marking - means that this stakeholder does not see this data object in the process. On the other hand V means that the contents of this data are fully visible to the stakeholder. H is the middle ground denoting that the participant has the data object, but it has a form of protection on it. For example, a ciphertext will be denoted with H in our table.

We are also planning to add a marker A (accessible) for data that could be opened by the stakeholder, but is not opened directly in the process.

Simple data dependency

Simple data dependency gives the data dependency matrix of the model. The relations described there are either straightforward from the model data associations or result of collaborative tasks with collaborative stereotypes.

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