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Privacy-Enhanced BPMN

Extension of the BPMN concrete syntax to add Privacy Enhanced Technologies (PETs) is done using stereotypes with the general stereotypes. The stereotype characterizes the changed type of the BPMN construct. Parameter (it has similarity to the tag in UML) is the variable, that gives additional details about the execution of the action. Some goals result in a series of tasks, for example data protection allows adding protection with Protect and removing it with Open while others have one task. The parameter describes the task, whereas the inputs and outputs should be clearly modelled as data objects or data collections in BPMN.

Access specification can, for example, specify the decryption key or the sets of shares that qualify to open the secret. For integrity protection, this specifies what is necessary to check the integrity in Open. Privacy requirements can specify security parameters or other properties of the scheme that should be used. The computation script is the script or query that will be executed. The script fully characterizes the computations and dependency between inputs and outputs.

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