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This is a generic task for removing a confidentiality protection mechanism from the input. In generalizes decryption and secret sharing reconstruction for example. The input is a data object that is protected and the output is the content of the protected data.

Required input objects

1 data object (protected data) from ProtectConfidentiality or PETComputation task

Required output objects

1 data object (data)


Restriction: task must have exactly one input and one output data objects
Error: exactly 1 input and 1 output are required

Restriction: input and output objects must be different data objects - they must have different ids
Error: input and output objects must be different data objects

Restriction: input data object must be output of ProtectConfidentiality or PETComputation task and if it is an output of PETComputation task then the output data object must be selected as “Private” under PETComputation stereotype settings of the output object’s task
Error: input object is not private

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