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Required input objects

0…n data objects (enclave measurement)

Required input parameters

group (with SGXAttestationChallenge or SGXComputation tasks)

Required output objects

0 data objects


Restriction: task must have no output data objects
Error: no outputs are required

Restriction: “groupId” property must exist under stereotype details object - group must have been selected and saved and “groupId” information must not have been deleted from model’s file
Error: groupId is undefined

Group specific restrictions

Restriction: there must be exactly one SGXAttestationChallenge and one SGXAttestationEnclave task in a stereotype group
Error: element with SGXAttestationChallenge stereotype is missing from the group

Restriction: both group tasks from the same stereotype group must be on different lanes
Error: both group tasks must be on separate lane

Restriction: any task from the stereotype group must not be in the incoming or outgoing path of another task from the same stereotype group
Error: both group tasks must be parallel

Restriction: all tasks from different stereotype groups must be in the same order on each lane - ordered lists of stereotype groups must match for each lane
Warning: all group tasks are possibly not parallel

Restriction: all tasks from the same stereotype group that have common Exclusive Gateway elements in their paths (all tasks have the same exclusive gateway in their paths) must exist in all paths that start from these common exclusive gateways
Warning: group task is possibly not accessible to the rest of the group

Restriction: there must be at least one Start Event element on the model (to run parallelism checks)
Warning: Start Event element is missing

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